Integrated Language Arts

This course is defined as the integration of reading, writing, thinking, listening and speaking.  To complete activities, the students work with the teacher as a group, with a partner, cooperatively or individually.  An integrated classroom reveals excitement about learning and celebrates literacy.



This course is developed for each child to learn and grasp concepts as promoted by the NCTM Standards of Mathematics, by developing mathematical and application skills and encourage sound reasoning and logical thinking.



This course involves a process as well as content.  The process involves the method of using different skills and equipment to solve problems.  The content learned helps the children to understand and interpret their environment.  This leads to effective ways of working and providing experiences in thinking critically and creatively. 


Social Studies

This course includes geography, history and current events.  It seeks to prepare children to identify, understand and work to solve the problems that face our increasingly diverse American nation.  As the children develop knowledge and cultural understanding they will be able to incorporate this with other humanities, geography and social sciences allowing them to fully appreciate the motives of the people and forces that have molded our nation, and other nations of the world.



This course allows students to participate in every aspect of the Christian faith by providing essentials of doctrine and principles of morality and familiarizing students with Scriptures and teaching truths that illuminate our understanding of the life of Jesus Christ. This course prepares students to live these truths out in missions and service.



This course investigates and executes strategies to incorporate appropriate computer, multimedia and related informational technologies.


Physical Education

This course helps students to be successful in achieving objectives that promote strength, health, discipline and activity that allows growth to occur and develop physical and mental coordination.



This course helps children express their feelings and ideas about the world they live in and also their imaginary world through crayon, brush, string, wire, and other materials.  As they learn to express their own feelings, they learn to appreciate ways in which others express themselves.



This course develops music appreciation through theory and singing.  Music offers cultural and social advantages to young children.  Emphasis is placed on the arts and music as an important part of everyday life.