Tuition & Financial Aid

                Sacred Heart School is jointly subsidized by Sacred Heart Parish and tuition payments.  Please contact the school for current tuition rates. We want no student to be denied a private parochial education because of financial need. The application process for tuition assistance is open to all families, regardless of religious affiliation.  Before applying for tuition assistance, you should enroll your child at Sacred Heart for the coming school year.  


To help parents who may need assistance, there are three different sources of financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants for Kindergarten through Grade 5 students:

The Neumann Scholarship
The Neumann Scholarship Foundation, established and administered by the
Diocese of Harrisburg, is funded by corporate contributions under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. The Diocese uses the Private School Aid Service (PSAS) to administer the application process and PSAS recommends who should receive grants based on the total financial need of the applicants. All eligible students will receive a scholarship award.

** Please keep in mind that you have to apply for Neumann Scholarship before you can apply for other scholarships. Neumann Scholarship applications are due by March 1st.**

The FOCUS Foundation
The FOCUS Foundation of the Diocese of Harrisburg provides an annual grant to each school in the diocese for tuition assistance based on the economic profiles of each parish school. 

The Angel Fund
The Angel Fund is an internal scholarship, supported by the generous alumni, parishioners, and friends of Sacred Heart School.

Other Financial Support Available

Tuition Transfer Grant
Any public, private, charter or home-school student who transfers to Sacred Heart School in Grades 1-4 are eligible to receive a Tuition Transfer Grant. Each student will receive $1,500 in grants over the course of 2 years ($1,000 in year 1 and $500 in year 2.) Restrictions apply and no financial aid forms are required.

Refer a Friend Program
For every family that you refer to our school and they attend; you will receive a $250 tuition credit for the next school year.