Congratulations to our Co-Directors

Sacred Heart School in Lewistown has announced a change in leadership due to the retirement of Dr. Joseph Maginnis who will be ending his career later this summer.  Dr. Maginnis has served in the role of principal for the past six school years.  “Dr. Maginnis has done a wonderful job for us as principal and will be greatly missed by our parish and school community,” according to Father William Weary pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Lewistown.

In addition to their teaching responsibilities and in a creative, vibrant initiative for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year, Mrs. Deborah Henry and Mrs. Lorie Torquato have been named co-directors, with school secretary B.J. Newcamp assisting. Father Weary said, “We are very excited that our new leadership team has a great deal of experience with many years of service in the classroom to Sacred Heart School.”

“Our goal heading into this school year was to provide as much stability as possible with staff due to the uncertainty that still remains because of the pandemic situation,” Father Weary said. “We are calling upon members of our veteran staff to lead our school through these uncertain times.”

“Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Torquato are student achievement and faith formation oriented. They are in the best position to offer the necessary leadership for our school community whether it be in the actual classroom or in a virtual setting,” he continued. “As we move forward it will continue to be important that every student works to realize their full academic potential. We were one of the first schools in the area to offer a virtual learning experience for students during the pandemic.”   

Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Torquato, along with Mrs. Newcamp, are excited about this new endeavor and working with the faculty, staff, and students to continue making Sacred Heart School a shining light in our community.

Those interested in more information about the upcoming school year at Sacred Heart School in Lewistown should contact the parish office, 717-242-2781.     


Faculty & Staff Directory

Mrs. Ruth Allison
Title 1 Mifflin County
Mrs. Helen Egolf
2nd Grade
Mrs. Kathy Graham
Mrs. Jessica Hardin
5th Grade
Miss Ashley Henry
Mrs. Deborah Henry
3rd Grade
Ms. Jessica Henry
Physical Education, Music, Technology
Mrs. Katie Lepley
4th Grade
Mr. Ben Miller
Mrs. BJ Newcamp
Mrs. Angela NIman
Art & Technology Coordinator
Mrs. Susan Parsanese
Mrs. Kelly Rivera
Mrs. Lorie Torquato
Mrs. Jeannette Underhill
Tuscarora Intermediate Unit
Fr. William Weary
Pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
Mrs. Lacie Wert
TIU Reading Specialist
Mrs. Amy Whitesel
1st Grade